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  In 1918, our founding president Tomekichi Ishida began manufacturing and selling Japan's first sheet-fed gravure printing presses (Ishida presses) and started gravure printing.

Having renamed the company Ishida Tokushu Gravure Kogyo Co., Ltd. and established a printing division since then, our operations these days revolve around plate making and printing.

Thereafter the name was changed to Ishida Tokushu Gravure Kogyo Co., Ltd. and in June 2012, we performed the new division to let Ishitoku Co. Ltd. succeed gravure plate-making business.

In terms of plate making, we are one of the only comprehensive gravure plate companies in the country, covering everything from packaging to interior gravure printing.

Based on our three mottos:

(1) Don' t bite off more than you can chew
(2) Know your limits and don' t overreach them
(3) Focus on the future of the company, not on wishful thinking

We intend to make an even greater effort and further hone our ability to contribute to the industry in the future.

Ishitoku Co., Ltd. CEO Atsutoshi Maeda

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